Is small-format or wide-format printing best for a small business awards retailer?

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There are several reasons why smaller sublimation systems are a good option for these types of retailers versus wide-format.

Sublimation is most likely an add-on to their existing business. These systems take up little room and can fit easily into an existing production environment.

 Production volume may be less than with the other types of products these businesses create, or it may take time to build high-volume demand for sublimated products. In either case, a smaller desktop system provides significant value, enabling you to efficiently offer singular products as easily as fulfilling high-volume or large orders. 

 Wide-format sublimation printing, on the other hand, is very cost-efficient for businesses that make larger products, such as apparel and signage, or who need high-volume production. If your awards business is producing these types of products, a larger system, such as one with a 25-inch roll-feed printer, is a great choice, as it can also fit well into your existing shop; however, if you’re offering more traditional awards-related products, a smaller system is best. Desktop systems come with maximum media sizes of 8.5″ X 14″ and 13″ X 19″, which are just right for most products awards retailers offer.

The startup costs for small-format sublimation systems are very low, which is a significant reason why this is such a great add-on to an existing business. Once you have a heat press, you’re ready to start making products and boosting your profits.

   —Sawgrass Ink

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