I’d like to change my company’s name. Do you have any advice for rebranding?

Coming up with a company name is a difficult task, and every once in a while, it may make sense for a company to change its name. But in taking on a rebranding, consider how you want the name to reflect your business.

I’m a proponent of helping your prospective customers find you in the easiest possible way, so if that means ending your business name with “Awards and Engraving,” so be it. The beginning of your company name can be cute or creative to denote its personality but consider this: Let’s say you name your decorated-apparel shop Moore Designs because your surname is Moore. How do I know what you design? I Googled “Moore Designs” and found there’s a custom home builder, interior design firm, and a graphic artist and website designer by that very name.

Recently, I met a married couple who owns a company named WAWPUF at a Small Business Development Center event. Try to guess what they make, sell, or do. When I asked, I was told WAWPUF stood for Whatever Anyone Wants to Pay Us For. Besides still being uncertain of what they did, I was now scared. It turns out they are a contract specialty hand-assembly operation. I was still not quite sure what they assembled by hand, but look how long it took me to figure out what they did. Most prospective customers don’t ask the second question, let alone anything else.

When naming or renaming your business, try to invoke the KISS method-Keep It Short and Simple.

—Vince, DiCecco, Your Personal Business Trainer

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