I want to start cross-selling more items in my shop to boost sales. How do I streamline the ordering process for customers so they can easily add items?

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It’s an obvious boon to everyone concerned to make the ordering process as seamless as possible. Once you’ve convinced a customer of the utility of your product, smoothing the transition to purchasing and taking the pressure of organization off their shoulders is a great way to seal the deal. The easiest way to do this is by providing either online or paper order forms showcasing your bag and decoration. If you have online tools, you get the added benefit of copy-and-paste ease for name lists, but any prepared order form is likely to make ordering and organization simpler than a piecemeal approach.

In addition to collecting information, order forms present a chance to inform the customer, so don’t waste the opportunity; clarify anything that may cause hiccups later. The form should make the process of selecting product and specifying personalization like names and player numbers as error-proof as possible. Order-by dates, delivery windows, pricing, and product specifications are all good things to include in the informational portion of your forms. Just as you are explicit with images of the proposed decoration and descriptions of your product, be equally as explicit with expectations and consequences, should the customer fail to provide information you need to produce the finished product. Make it clear: Correct information leads to correct decoration. Due diligence in making sure you get what you need in a format that speeds up your process means less effort in production and more profit in the long run.

   —Black Duck

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