How-To: Puff/3D Hat Embroidery

In this episode of Embroidery Hub, Manny Torres, Ricoma’s customer success specialist, gives a tutorial on how to do puff embroidery on hats. Along the way you’ll learn helpful embroidery tips on how to setup your digitized design for puff embroidery, making sure your puff embroidery looks clean, getting rid of excessive foam on your puff embroidery. Puff embroidery is a great cost-effective way to offer more variety to your customers while being able to charge a little extra since puff embroidery has a higher perceived value. 

Items you’ll need to perform 3D/puff embroidery: 

  • Hat or cap of your choice
  • Foam (matching the color of the design to be stitched)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A heat gun or lighter (to clean up the design, if necessary)

Video takeaways:

  • The design must be digitized for 3D embroidery
  • The design is stitched the underlay first, the border, and then the puff section
  • Because of this, the embroidery machine must be set to “automatic/manual”
  • This allows for separate steps to take place and for the foam to be placed on the hat
  • If the foam pokes out of the design, use a heat gun (or lighter) to shrink it
  • Be careful not to burn the design
  • Use snips to poke out any remaining foam
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