How to Get Rid of Hoop Marks

In this embroidery machine tutorial episode of Embroidery Hub, Laura Gomez, Ricoma’s content specialist, goes over five hacks to get rid of embroidery hoop marks or hoop burns. Although there are additional tricks to rid hoop marks, Ricoma compiles its favorite ways to get the job done effectively.

Items you’ll need to test out these various techniques:

  • Lint roller
  • Ironing spray
  • Water-filled spray bottle
  • Extra garment/piece of fabric
  • Damp, hot cloth


  1.  Roll the lint roller against the fabric until the mark fades

  2. Using the ironing spray, spray the affected area and rub with fingers until mark is removed

  3. Spray water on the hoop mark and let dry

  4. Rub the hoop mark with another section of the garment or with a similar garment until hoop mark is gone 

    Helpful tip: You may need to incorporate a combination of No. 3 and No. 4 to get the mark fully removed without damaging your garment

  5. Rub the hot, damp cloth on the mark and let dry


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