How To: Engrave Center-Center with a Rotary Device

In this video, Doug Green of Express Yourself Austin explains step-by-step how to engrave a cup center-center.

Step One: Take a picture of the cup and upload it onto CorelDRAW. I laid out some paper tape to show where the logo will engrave. You don’t want the logo to wrap around your cup where you can’t read it all.

Step Two: Crop the image so that the height matches the actual height of the cup and place the logo where it will go. You can use this to show your customer what it will look like. To check my measurement and see if my crop worked, I measured the top of the cup to the bottom of the cup with the Parallel Dimension tool.

Step Three: When you take it to your laser, the first thing you want to do is level your cup. Line levels are handy to have. Next, focus on your cup. Then set a home for center-center and start the job.

Note: Remember to orientate your cup and logo in the same direction. 

Doug Green

Doug Green is the man behind Express Yourself Austin and countless CorelDRAW tutorials on YouTube. A master crafter, Green sometimes spends hours upon hours, if not years, to create unique and elaborate items out of wood and metal.

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