How do I avoid flashing my print after each color?

If you are needing to flash your print after every color to keep artwork looking sharp, you should investigate what is causing the loss of detail. It can be due to a number of variables, but the most common include:

  • Artwork that isn’t separated using butt registration
  • Lower mesh counts that lay down too much ink
  • Screens that do not have adequate tension
  • A press that is out of adjustment and can no longer hold tight registration

Find more on flash curing here.


Glen Carliss

Glen Carliss is the manager of domestic sales, Eastern division, at the M&R Companies. He began his career in garment decoration tie-dying T-shirts while pursuing a degree in sociology. After college, he built boats before joining a cut-and-sew operation. That led to a sales position with Precision Screen Machines. When M&R purchased Precision in 1994, Carliss sold M&R's graphic line east of the Mississippi. Carliss became M&R's national sales manager in 2006, and took the eastern division when the position was split in two in 2008. In his spare time, Carliss is an avid metalworker and a professional trumpet player in a 16-piece band that has toured extensively.

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