How can I increase the life of my laser system?

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Clean your system. Debris in the laser and on the mechanics of the system can reduce the life of parts in your system. Wipe down your system on a regular schedule to keep the mechanics clean and long lasting.

Clean the lenses. Lens life is greatly increased by keeping them clean and free of debris. Get in the habit of wiping them off on a regular schedule to keep them clean and well maintained.

   —Epilog Laser

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James Stanaway

James Stanaway is the director of marketing for Epilog Laser and has been with the company for over 15 years. In this time, Stanaway has greatly strengthened the marketing efforts not only for the company, but he has also implemented many programs and resources for Epilog Laser users and customers to help build their brand, expand their business, and better understand all the applications available with their laser system.

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