How can I correct potential problems in preparing spot-color artwork for sublimation?

One of the problems you run into with spot-color is that when you print a job with large solid color, you risk having trouble with the print head banding or streaking, and this imperfection jumps out at you. But if you create full-color artwork with photo images, textures and blends, the imperfections in the print are not as noticeable. If you need to print solid spot-colors, add some breaks in the art or texture and use graduated blending from one color to the next to create a little interest. 

   —Great Dane Graphics

Dane Clement

Dane Clement

Great Dane Graphics

Dane Clement, president of Great Dane Graphics and vice president of Art and Creative Process for GroupeSTAHL, is well-known for his art expertise in computer graphics for various garment decoration techniques. He has been speaking and writing for the decorated apparel industry since 1995, and has authored artwork training books for various decoration methods such as Artwork for Vinyl Cutting, Artwork for DTG Printing, Artwork for White Toner Transfers, and T-shirt Artwork Simplified for Adobe and Corel users. For more information visit

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