How can a shop determine which type of fume extractor to purchase?

If air pollution is an important issue for you and your employees, then choosing a ventless filtered fume extractor is a great option. The dust and VOCs are locked within the filters, ensuring that your company is not contributing to environmental air pollution. However, if you feel that air pollution is not an important issue for your company, then using a ventilation setup (industrial blower with ducting exhausting straight to the outdoors) may still be a viable solution.

—PAT Technology

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Chau Vo

Chau Thien Vo is an inventor, industrial designer, and is the VP of Engineering and Operations for PAT Technology Systems. Chau brings 20 years of extensive experience in designing air purification and fume extraction systems, having worked in both North America and Europe. He blends design, engineering, product marketing, and creative thinking strategies in leading PAT's technical team to consistently output innovations that clean air.

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