How can a laser operator determine the settings to use for marking electronic devices?

If possible, always use broken or extra parts when testing. If a test part is not available, make sure the electronic device is secure to ensure there is no movement during processing. Begin with a normal engraving speed and a very low laser power. Run the job with increased laser power until you receive the desired marking quality. Once you’ve found the correct parameters for this device, you can save them for future use.


David Stevens, Trotec Laser

David Stevens

David Stevens is renowned in the industry for his teaching abilities and helping customers improve their laser processing techniques. For nearly two decades, he held multiple roles at Universal Laser, including applications la manager, where he built, designed, and produced Universal's catalog of laser parameters and standardized settings, spending more than 25,000+ hours testing and learning all known materials and its reaction with laser processing, becoming an industry leader in laser technology. He recently joined Trotec Laser Inc. as the industrial applications manager and heads the West Coast Applications & Inspiration Lab.

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