Five Things Salespeople Should Never Do

You'd be surprised how many salespeople violate one or more of these rules.

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Knowing how to do your job effectively also involves knowing what NOT to do. If you’re in sales (and that could include anyone from an account executive pursuing potential clients to those of you picking up the phone or waiting on people at the counter in your sign shop) there are certain no-no’s you need to be aware of.

These words of success come to us from internationally recognized sales expert and bestselling author Jill Konrath. She wrote this for Forbes magazine when a reporter asked her about what salespeople should never do.

NEVER allow failure to enter your vocabulary. Redefine everything as a “learning experience” and then focus on figuring out how to get different results.

NEVER talk politics with a prospect or customer-unless you are 100 percent sure you’re totally aligned. Even then it might not be smart because other members of the decision team may have different feelings.

NEVER look at your email first thing in the morning. It’ll suck you in and you’ll lose a couple hours.

NEVER ask questions about things that can easily be found on a company’s website. You’ll lose credibility and look like a fool.*

NEVER look at your cell phone during a meeting. In fact, you should turn it off so you won’t be tempted to check a text or see who’s calling.”

*(And a note for you sign shops and other graphics professionals: Taking some time to get to know a client by visiting their website will definitely make a positive impression. You don’t have to know their entire history, but you’ll get a glimpse into their corporate culture and learn how they think visually. After all, they paid someone-unless they did it themselves-to design their website.)

Jill Konrath is an internationally-recognized sales expert, in-demand speaker and bestselling author. For more savvy sales advice and to download Jill’s free sales tools, visit

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