Do you have any advice on where to purchase graphic design software?

Whether you buy your software from a physical store or an online store, stay away from shady companies offering too-good-to-be-true deals. For instance, don’t even bother responding to e-mails offering Photoshop for an unrealistic low price. In all likelihood, the software is pirated, which means it’s illegal to purchase, it won’t come with support from the manufacturer, and it may not work properly-not to mention that it’s unethical and illegal to use bootlegged software.

You could purchase the software used from an individual or another business, although you’ll want to find out from the manufacturer if they allow a license transfer. Without the license, you may not be able to get tech support or software upgrades-the latter of which is extremely important, as suppliers frequently offer new versions with powerful features and compatibility with the latest computer hardware and software.

   —Great Dane Graphics

Dane Clement

Dane Clement

Great Dane Graphics

Dane Clement, president of Great Dane Graphics and vice president of Art and Creative Process for GroupeSTAHL, is well-known for his art expertise in computer graphics for various garment decoration techniques. He has been speaking and writing for the decorated apparel industry since 1995, and has authored artwork training books for various decoration methods such as Artwork for Vinyl Cutting, Artwork for DTG Printing, Artwork for White Toner Transfers, and T-shirt Artwork Simplified for Adobe and Corel users. For more information visit

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