Cerebral Signage: Applying Design Thinking to Signs, Part Two

Scott Franko says that when it comes to design, the best results have come about when both the right and the left side of the brains are blended.

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Design thought is the blending of intelligence and imagination with creativity. Smart design wrapped around intellectual data and concepts can expand and extend a brand beyond the standard or traditional uses of branding. When expressed visually through signs and graphics, I describe them as cerebral signage.

As a designer, and sign guy, I work in the world of branding. As a business owner, I consult other businesses. I’m continually using the full spectrum of my experiences that blend both sides of my brain to bring solutions to my clients.

What I have found to be very true in many cases is that the best results have come about when both the right and the left side of the brains are blended and contribute equally to arriving at successful solutions. I call this the convergence of the cerebral with the creative, where the two streams come together and meet to become more forceful or powerful, like a river.

This is what design thought provides in the creative process. When design thought is applied and expressed through signs and graphics that are aligned with intellectual messages, the goals of the message are brought to life.

The world is becoming smarter and more visual by the day. So whatever you want to call it-smart, intelligent, cerebral-by bringing it into your designs, signs, and graphics, you can grow your business and build impressions.

To read Part One of Scott’s “Cerebral Signage” series, click HERE.

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