Building Your Impressions: The ‘Busyness’ of Branding-Part Two

Establish and project your values internally helps to build a solid team.

The products and services you provide your clients helps with their brand and image. You directly influence and contribute to building their impressions. Are you doing the same for yourself and your business?

Building your own impressions should be as high a priority as paying your bills and collecting on invoices. Yet I’ve seen so many cool image-making companies with mind-blowing capabilities and output, but you would not know it when stopping by for a visit or taking a tour. Why does this happen? Or worse, why is it allowed? One of the main reasons comes down to ‘busyness.’

Being busy can and does get in the way of building impressions, if you let it. I know. It has happened to me and my businesses over the years. But I changed that. And so can you. Here is a tip for building your impressions while being busy building them for others.

Make Values Visible

We all have values. Or we should. And so should your business. They provide underlying principles to live by. They guide wanted behaviors and craft a culture. The problem is they often go invisible. But being a graphics and branding provider, you have the means under your own roof to turn them into impression-building visuals.

In my company, we developed a mission and purpose statement, a crafty motto, three golden rules, and 10 attributes. Combined, they formed the basis of our corporate values. From there we made them visible and tangible in a variety of formats including books that were eventually published that in turn provided exposure and marketing. We also applied the creative touch to turning them into printed wall graphics, displays, and signage.

One interesting thing I did with our employees that also contributed to more buy-in and personal acceptance of our wanted values, was to have each person or department work on developing their own ideas to interpret and display them in their own unique way around their own work spaces. The resulting powerful colors and images brought life and meaning to our values and the inside of our organization.

This is a great way to build impressions upon visitors and employees, including those of the future who walk in to consider working for you. Also, you just might sell more work to your clients when they see these impressionable values on display. They just might want you to help them do the same with their business.

Scott Franko is a solutions provider for business, brand and image through his firm, Franko Design Concepts and Consulting. He formerly owned and operated a multi-division sign, graphics and custom fabrication business. You can locate and contact him online at

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Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is the former digital content editor of Sign & Digital Graphics & WRAPS magazines.

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