Building and Keeping Profits

A few tips to help you keep the profits flowing in your wrap shop.

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A lot goes into running a vehicle wrap shop: there’s sales, the design process, the printing out of the graphics, the installation, then the service after the sale. The objective is not just to score the odd one-off job but to build and expand your customer base which leads to-you guess it- increased profits.

Here are some handy tips to keep in mind to keep that cash flow moving in a positive direction.

Cost vs. Life-Your expenses take away from your revenue, so keep your variables in mind, especially the life of the wrap. If you know, for example, that a motorcycle’s graphics are only going to be used for one event and then changed, you might not choose the most expensive and longest-lasting vinyl on the market.

Warranty Obligations-In the event the vinyl on your wrap fails, you can bet the customer will come back to you. Educate yourself about the warranty on your chosen vinyl. Most often, the manufacturer can provide details about when the product is fully covered under warranty and when it is not. Know where you stand. Also, feel free to call your supplier to get your warranty questions answered. As a rule of thumb, you are normally covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if you are using the correct vinyl and laminate combination that the company recommends, and have followed accepted installation techniques.

Limit Your Mistakes-Be careful and thorough with every single installation. Chances are, if you have a vinyl film failure, you will be able to point the finger directly at yourself-you used the wrong film, or the installation job was handled poorly. And don’t forget to coach the customer after you’re done about the proper way to care for their wrap. In most instances, for example, pressure washing is a no-no.

Involve the Customer– Get a read on your client. Ask them about their preferences, wants and needs. Clients want to know what the warranty is and what kind of lifespan they can expect from their investment. A customer who knows exactly what he’s buying is less likely to have issues later on.

Go for Higher Durability-The life of any vinyl wrap is prolonged dramatically by using a good film laminate. A customer that is able to keep his wrap looking good longer is a happier customer with better potential for repeat business. Liquid laminate is much less expensive, but does not offer as much long-term protection.

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